These questions are designed to test technical knowledge.  Please answer without assistance and to the best of your ability.  Skip questions you don’t know the answer to.  Wrong answers will not automatically disqualify you from consideration.

Technical Test

A small business owner asks you “Which email system is better, Exchange (M365) or POP3?” Explain your answer, clearly and in non-tech terms.
A frustrated client calls you, and says “I’m working from my home today, and I can’t get online, I’ve got a Teams meeting in 30 minutes with a client, I cannot miss. Help me please.” Explain what you would do to help this person.
How is a DNS setting used in a tech environment? Explain in your own words, please.
A client calls and complains that he cannot print. You know he is on a Windows 2012 R2 network and he is printing to a network printer. The paper is not jammed and the printer is full of paper. What are the first five (5) questions you might ask of the client, to initiate diagnosis of this problem?
You are working on a client that is connected to the Internet via a dedicated link. Static addresses are in use. There are no Firewalls or Proxy servers. The client calls and says his workstation cannot connect to the Internet. What are the top five issues that could be creating this problem?
Back to the client with the dedicated link. You collect the following information from his workstation: IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: What is wrong here?


In a few sentences or less, explain what the basic function each of the following technologies performs.

More Questions

What is a VPN, and how have you used it?
What does DHCP stand for, and how is it used in a technology infrastructure?
You receive an alert that a client’s network is down, and you cannot immediately determine what the technical problem is. Please describe how you would communicate with the client and then escalate the situation in your organization.
What is a VLAN? In what type of device(s) are they used? Why are they helpful?
A Client calls and tells you that they have deleted a file and they really need it back. The files are on the server and the servers are running Windows Shadow Copy and they have a remote backup system. What are the possible ways to recover the files?
A Client calls in, and says that their workstation starts, but does not fully boot up where they can use it. What are the possible causes of this issue?
A Client has called in and says that they cannot access their email. We are the client’s IT provider, and you know that they are on a hosted Exchange system. What are the go-to tactics you will use in finding a cure to this problem?